Why does your laptop get hot after all? Learn how to save

In the summer the laptop is more over heat, which can be bad. Keeping in mind some things, you can save the laptop from over heating. Due to the battery pins or fan, the risk of heating the laptop is threatened. So they should be cleaned in a month or two. To clean the battery, first separate it from the laptop. After this, blow it with the Kannad Air. By doing so, the dust inside it will come out. Keep air pressure low during cleaning the CPU fan.

Never use wet cloth to wipe out electronic devices. If the CPU fan of the laptop is not working, keep in mind that do not use it for longer period. If you do this, then there may be an overheating problem.

Generally many laptops can use the user cooling kit. If the laptop is outdated, then the problem of cooling comes in the experiment for longer period. In this case extra cooling kit is a better option. Always buy laptop fan according to the texture of your laptop. If the battery is heating up even after the cooling kit, replace the battery. Having repeated charger in the laptop also causes over heating problems.

Most laptops take air from the bottom for cooling. In such a case, if you keep the laptop on a pillow or blanket, then the laptop does not have air ventilation properly. If the laptop is placed on a flat surface, then the possibility of its over heat becomes slightly reduced. Instead of working with a laptop on a cooling mat instead of the cooling kit, this problem will be reduced to a great extent. If you do not want to take a cooling mat, use the laptop only on a hard surface. If you run a laptop on the bed, keep a book or a piece of wood piece below it, so that the CPU fan will get enough air.

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