… So for this reason SBI is cutting the customers’ money, you also know the reason

New Delhi: State Bank of India’s largest public sector bank is troubled by money laundering from State Bank of India (SBI) customer account. Customers are not getting the answer in their own branch as to why the money is being deducted. Many customers are also raging in their branches, but the solution is not able to get out.

Let us tell you that about 147 rupees have been deducted from the accounts of SBI customers. In which case these banks were cut, the bank’s small officials are unable to respond to the customers. In fact, customers have taken Rs 147 as an annual fee of ATM card. You can also know through your account statement that your money has been cut for what reason.

It would be relevant to say that from July 1, 2017, 18 per cent GST has been imposed on bank services. If you take a loan, then the service charge cuts on it. 18 percent GST of that service charge is also paid, which is charged from the customers. Similarly, the annual charge of ATM card is also a type of service charge, hence GST is also cut on it. These charges are different for each type of card. For example, a separate charge is taken for Gold Card and Silver.

 Thus, 147 rupees have been deducted from the customer’s account as a one-year charge. If you have a problem on this deduction then you can complain about it. You can send an SMS to 8008202020 by typing ‘UNHAPPY’ for the complaint. Apart from this, you can also file an online complaint on the Bank’s website. The bank settles your complaint within 10 days. Apart from this you can also complain to the Nodal Officer and Chairman of State Bank of India.

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