How to switch Audio to video feature in whatsapp application

The world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp has released a new feature. This feature has been launched for iOS users at the moment. In this feature, users will now be able to switch from audio call to video call. Apart from this, whatsapp released the ‘@’ mention button also. With the help of this button, users can easily read those messages which they have not read. After tapping on the button, users will be able to read the message tagged in them in a group. This feature is currently available for IOS users but the company can soon start it for Android users.

How To Use This Feature

To use this feature, first of all, the IOS user needs to update their whatsapp. When you will call a voice  call to another user, you will see the video icon on the phone screen. As soon as the front user accept your voice call, you will be able to switch to the video call by tapping on the video icon. Then  front user also taps on the video icon, you will see its video.

The most advantage of this feature can be seen at the time when your mobile will be in the low network area. On low network sites you will be able to quickly switch to an audio call to a video call. Apart from this, you can use this feature only with users who have the latest features of Whatsapp on his device.

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