Do you not remember reading? So try these 5 tips

Some people believe that it is not easy for everyone to remember reading. But this is not true. The remember Capacity is not God gifted.Here are the 5 tips that will increase your ability to remember:

1. Whenever sitting to reading, keep in hand pencil:

Whenever you sit to study, sit with a pencil with your hand. The advantage of this will be that you will be able to underline  a particular term or definition when you seen. This is a way that will not only remind you quickly but it will also remembered for a long time.

2. Create notes yourself
Many times, when students have short  time, students get photocopied notes of their classmates. This is the wrong way. It takes too much time to read the notes of others and it comes less in understanding. Therefore, you should make your notes yourself. The process of making notes will be easy for you to remember.

If you or your colleagues study together, then group discussion is a good way. When a topic is discussed in Group Discussions, during this time, Discussed things are more memorable.

4. Keep taking brake during the study. 
Continuous study make tired. So take break during continuous reading so that many things can not be missed. This will maintain concentration and capacities of remembering will also increase.

Do not forget to revise. By revising, it is understood that whether you are remembering what you are reading or not. What you study now should revise next week.

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